Who we are

Deslibe Charity is a proactive NGO founded in January 2020, with the aim of giving free education to the children of Kimanto Village in Luuka District.

The idea of starting this project came from Nuhu Waiswa, our Country Director, who with only 25 years went to Dubai to work and bring back resources to build the only free school available.

Growing in Kimanto, Nuhu was able to see the real needs of the people of his village and decided to support the families that due to poverty and the long distance to the closest school, were unable to send their children to study.

With that in mind our program was designed to provide the children with free quality education, books, materials, uniforms and daily breakfast.

Our school provides a world-class learning program for more than 130 students; focusing in quality education and sustainability and giving a loving and healthy environment to help the children reach their full potential.

Our curriculum was carefully designed to help each child learn and develop social skills and self-confidence. Our main goal is to build good human beings that with strong values and education will help change the future of our community and our country.

Our Mission

To promote quality education through community participation, innovation and strong values that allow Deslibe children to build a different future for them and their families, that will transform the community with inside talent.

Our Vision

Changing our community by developing children’s minds with knowledge and values to fight poverty and lack of opportunities in small villages of Uganda.